Police Officer Shares Passion For Paragliding

PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) -- A local police officer is sharing his passion for paragliding and encouraging others to give it a shot.

Captain Jeff O'Brien with the Prairie Grove Police Department said taking to the sky has become his hobby.

It includes para-motor, which is essentially a harness attached to a large propeller with a para-glider wing on top.

In the Northwest Arkansas area, O'Brien said the activity has slowly been picking up steam recently among people looking for an adventure.

"When you look to the sky and see a large wing and a motor, that's what that is, it's called power paragliding and it's a great, safe, fun way to spend your time," said O'Brien.

O'Brien has racked up about 100 flights since he took to paragliding last year.

You can catch some of his flying on his YouTube page "Jeff O'Brien."