Ozark Teen Discusses Being A Young Business Owner

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OZARK (KFSM) - An Ozark teenager’s entrepreneurial spirit is contributing to the success of her community’s economy, as well as other economies around the country.

Back in April, Gabriella “Gabbie” Stokes, 15, started her own business called Gabriella’s Boutique, located on East Commercial Street In Ozark.

“I did it in about a week, almost, with the basics,” Stokes explained

Since then, Stokes has been trying to add her own personal flair and products to her business that she describes as “bright in spirit, creative, and spunky”, which she says is reflective of her personality.

Stokes has invested some of her own money into stocking the shop with products, which includes her recent investment in products from a small business in Miami solely run by women.

“I am hoping I can supply all of my clothing items with small businesses and help support their dreams and their aspirations because that’s what people have done for me always,” Stokes said.

Stokes says her mother has been very supportive of her endeavors.

In fact, her mom, Susan Hopper, owns a business in the same building as hers called: Hopper Farms Flower & Gift Shop.

“It’s such a great, creative outlet for her, and it's teaching her so many things about all the things that come with running a business,” said Hopper.

And it hasn’t always been easy, Hopper says Stokes has faced some challenges that are out of her control.

"She’s faced some of the, ‘you’re too young, or you don’t know what you’re talking about kind of thing.”

However, the naysayers haven’t deterred Stokes.

“I’m 15, and just because I’m 15 doesn’t mean I can’t be successful. It just takes your drive, and your courage, and your talent. And talent isn’t based on something you’re born with, it’s based off practice and perseverance, “ she explained.

Stokes says she’s excited to pursue her entrepreneurial path beyond college and  continue as the fourth generation, female business owner in Ozark.

Click here for details on Gabriella’s Boutique and Hopper Farms Flower & Gift Shop.

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