Residents React To Apparent Double Homicide Of Kansas Couple In Crawford County

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) - Residents at Vista Hills Apartments in Van Buren were shocked to discover a camper parked near the building belonged to a Kansas couple police believe were murdered.

Inside the camper is where Van Buren police believe Pauline Carpenter was killed, and her husband Sonny died near by.

Three suspects were arrested in connection with their deaths after a shallow grave was discovered with the couples bodies inside.

Residents at Vista Hills say they didn't notice anything suspicious about seeing the camper parked behind the leasing office.

"I didn't think about it until I seen that on the news and I seen just a part of the camper and I thought, that looks like that camper that was down there.", Carin Pepper, a longtime resident at Vista Hills said.

According to investigators the suspects responsible for the death of the elderly couple were visiting family in the area. Now knowing that they were within yards of the alleged killers, residents say they feel uneasy.

"Its something that you would see on Discovery Channel or something like that, I never would think that it would be right on your doorstep.", one resident said.

Pepper says from now on she'll be on the lookout, "I think I'm gonna keep a better eye out. I'm gonna keep my doors locked and my windows locked at night.".

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