Arkansas Victims Identified In Ride The Duck Boat Disaster

BRANSON, MISSOURI (CNN) – Two of the victims of the “Ride the Duck” boat disaster in Branson, Missouri have been identified as being from Osceola, Arkansas.

Steve Smith, a vacationing retired teacher and his teenage son, Lance Smith, died in the lake, said Glenn Oakes, a church elder at the Osceola Church of Christ.
Oakes said he was informed of the deaths by in-laws of the Smiths. Oakes said Smith was a church deacon in their 35-member congregation. “It was a great loss for the church,” says Oakes.
Smith’s daughter, Loren, reportedly suffered a concussion in the incident, but was rescued and was taken to a local hospital. Pam Smith, the girl’s mother, was on shore at the time of the accident.