Victims Killed In Ride The Duck Boat Disaster Identified

BRANSON (KFSM) – The Stone County Sheriff’s Office has released the names of the 17 people confirmed dead after a Ride the Duck boat capsized Thursday (July 19) evening.

The names of the victims are:

  • Robert “Bob” Williams, from Branson, Missouri. Bob was the driver of the Ride the Duck boat that capsized. His wife, Judy, told CNN,  “My husband was a man of God. He’d talk to anybody. He made an effect on many lives. He would give up his life for somebody”.
  • Bill Asher, from Affton, Missouri.
  • Rose Heupel Hamann, from Affton, Missouri.
  • William Bright, 65, from Higginsville, Missouri.
  • Janice Bright, 64, from Higginsville, Missouri.
  • Steve Smith, 53, from Osceola, Arkansas. Steve was a retired teacher.
  • Lance Smith, 15, from Osceola, Arkansas.
  • Angela Coleman, 45, from Indiana.
  • Arya Coleman, 1, from Indiana.
  • Belinda Coleman, 69, from Indiana.
  • Ervin Coleman, 76, from Indiana.
  • Evan Coleman, 7, from Indiana.
  • Glenn Coleman, 40, from Indiana.
  • Horace Coleman, 70, from Indiana.
  • Maxwell Coleman, 2, from Indiana.
  • Reece Coleman, 9, from Indiana.
  • Leslie Dennison, 64, from Illinois.