Adventure Arkansas – Restoring Rivers, Mulberry River

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Winding deep in the mountains of Arkansas, the Mulberry River is a scenic destination for many outdoor activities. Its waters flow roughly 55 miles southwest until it joins with the Arkansas river. Especially during the spring, it is one of Arkansas’ wildest rivers. With its exhilarating rapids and constant turns, it’s been given a class 2 and 3 ratings.

In the past two years, some sections of the river were starting to lose a lot of sediment, much faster than normal, so the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission stream team stepped in.

“Some sediment is natural, some erosion is natural, but this is an unnatural situation,” said Rick Monk, US Forest Services. “It’s not healthy for the river.”

Landowners started losing a lot of high ground to the river’s waters, dumping harmful sediment into the stream. Crews worked to reinforce the river and to create new veins, which help keep the river pristine and flowing like it should.

“We have improved the water quality, we have changed the landscape, and what you do here, you don’t realize it but it affects everybody downstream,” said Arkansas Game and Fish.

With the improvements, the mulberry is in top notch condition for floating, kayaking, fishing, swimming, skipping rocks, and other river activities! It is truly a gem and it’s right in our own backyard.

Discovering the rivers Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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