Metabolic Research Center – Eating Good Food & Dropping The Pounds

“Hey, it’s Daren Bobb we are at Metabolic Research Center, I’m on maintenance we have been adding new foods to my diet I haven’t gained anything and it’s fantastic,” said Daren Bobb.

“We have optional classes that you can attend, we just had a fiesta cooking class we had a lot of fun and our clients were able to sample different recipes and they were able to go home for a lot of variety of things they can make,” said Sarah Harper.

“You make it educational as far as what to eat, but how to make it and how easy it is to do it,” said Bobb.

“Everyone thinks how can you have Mexican food, it’s easy and we can do it,” said Harper.

“If you’ve been thinking about doing this, now is the time to do this because you are still in the middle of your six week $99,” said Bobb.

“We are, we still have 6 weeks right now for $99 so give us a call you can lose up to 30 pounds in that six weeks,” said Harper.

“If you are thinking about losing weight this summer, call Metabolic Research Center,” said Bobb.

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