Prairie Grove Police Make Arrests In Recent Vehicle Break-In Cases And Other Crimes

Prairie Grove Police Facebook photo.

PRAIRIE GROVE, Ark. (KFSM) —  For two weeks, Prairie Grover police officers have been working to solve, and crack down on, vehicle break-ins and criminal mischief cases.

On July 14 residents woke up and found streets and sidewalks painted, and vehicles broken into.

Also, two school athletic buildings had been entered and equipment stolen.

Officers worked to identify three juvenile males, made arrests, and recovered stolen property.

During the same night, additional unrelated vehicle break-ins happened.  Officers identified a 19-year-old male in connection with the crimes, arrested him and the property was recovered.

In both incidents, officers were familiar with suspects from multiple previous incidents.  A total of 21 breaking-and-entering charges have been filed along with 10 theft and multiple criminal mischief offenses.

Police said even with the current arrests, vehicle break-ins are continuing to occur with the latest incidents happening Friday (July 27) night.

“We remind everyone to lock their vehicle and report any suspicious activity,” said police.