YouTube Star Holds Walmart Meet-and-Greet

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- On Saturday (July 28), hundreds of families crowded the aisles of the Bentonville Walmart hoping for a chance to meet one of YouTube's biggest stars.

Just a few days ago, 'Ryan Toys Review' YouTube channel reached a total of 15 million subscribers and his video views reached 23 billion -- Ryan is six years old.

Here's how he got started:

When Ryan was three-years-old he asked his mom if he could make his own YouTube video where he would review toys.  He got the idea toy after watching other kids videos on YouTube, said his parents.

Now at six-years-old, Ryan is a multi-millionaire with his YouTube channel bringing in $11 million between 2016 and 2017, according to Forbes.

Ryan's first toy review was a 15 minute video showing him playing with Legos.

Now he's touring the U.S., meeting other kids and showing them how he turned his videos into a hit. Chief Revenue Officer Stone Newman, a multi-platform children's media startup agency, said what makes Ryan's reviews believable.

"I think what's so unique is this direct one-on-one relationship between kids and these creator families, they want to have a play date with Ryan just like the kid down the street," said Newman.

'Ryan Toys Review' announced it will introduce his own line later this year.

Ryan's family chooses to keep his full name private.

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