Magazine Schools Start Today With New Hybrid Calendar

MAGAZINE (KFSM) -- It's not even August, but school is already starting today for one local district.

Students are walking the halls this morning at Magazine High School and other schools in the district. Magazine schools are starting on a new hybrid school schedule.

The new schedule starts today (July 30). Students get a two-week break in early October, several days off for Thanksgiving, a winter holiday from Dec. 24-Jan. 11 and a break March 18-29. School ends on June 7, 2019, before starting up again July 29 next year.

Superintendent Brett Bunch explained the changes.

"The kids won't go any longer, day-wise, but they'll have more breaks split up through the year," he said. Bunch said the new schedule is expected to boost academic success, decrease discipline incidents and increase attendance.

Bunch said they're hoping the new schedule will help reduce the "summer slide," where students can lose up to 40 percent of what they learned the previous year.

"A lot of times, schools have to take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to get them back up and going," he said.

Bunch said they received a mixed reaction at first. He said he told the school board he didn't want to do it unless they had at least 80 percent support in a district-wide vote. The district initially received only 75 percent of a positive vote.

"So we waited another year, educated a little further and were able to make sure they were on board," Bunch said. He said the teachers supported the calendar.

He said the district is doing this to "be the difference" in students' lives.

"We want to lead the way," Bunch said. "Why follow, when you can lead the way?"

School started this morning (July 30) at 7:55 a.m.

To see the full schedule, click here.

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