Local Laundromat Owners Offer Free Voucher Program For Students In Need

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) --  Laundry, what some people feel they have too much of, couple Ben and Tiffany Snodgrass noticed that it can be a luxury for others.

"You know, my wife being a school teacher she sees it on a daily basis. You know babies might be coming in wearing the same shirt or pants you know week after week that hasn't been washed." said Ben.

The laundromat owners partnered with the Rogers and Bentonville school districts to start a voucher program. Guidance counselors or teachers noticing a student in need of clean clothes, can slip a $25 certificate in a students book bag for their parents to find.

"We've handed out several of those certificates throughout the year." said Amanda Musick with Bentonville Schools.

She said the program has been a life saver for families fallen on hard times. "Our families are ecstatic when they get these certificates. They come back and their feedback, you know, they're grateful. They feel blessed and you know they're just so appreciative of these kinds of vouchers."

Because Snodgrass doesn't want anyone to be left out, he and his wife don't limit how many vouchers they give to each school.

"If they come to us and say hey we need we gave out 253 of these things last week, I'm gonna throw a party because that's exactly what I want."

In the end the couple hopes the small act of kindness, will be able to make a huge impact on students futures.

"Kids don't have to focus on what they look like what they feel like, smell like and things like that we want. I want them paying attention to the lesson."

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