New Chrome Books For All Bentonville High School Students

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- The Bentonville School District is giving all high school students chrome books of their own, that student will be able to take home.

"That same technology they are using at home is the same they are using at school, so there is no disconnect." says Dr. Jennifer Morrow, the executive director of secondary education.

But not all work will be done on the chrome books.

"We still need to learn how to collaborate, to talk, to communicate, to work on paper."

Bentonville high school student Jack Burges says this will make homework easier to manage.

"I feel like this will make things a lot easier, so instead of having to pull out paper and pencil you can just log onto your chrome book. This makes homework a lot easier because I often at home just find that I don't have school supplies."

A chrome book handbook was created to help students understand the rules and responsibility that comes with the technology.

An $18 insurance policy will be put in place, just in case the computers break or get lost. Meaning the school will fix the chrome book up to three times, but after that the student is responsible to pay for repairs.

Bentonville and Bentonville West picked up their chrome books today and yesterday. Younger students will get theirs on the first day of school, but for use in the classroom only.

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