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Suspect In Fort Smith Hardee’s Robbery Says He Didn’t Do It; “Ya’ll Will See”

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) Since Saturday (July 28), Fort Smith police had been searching for Douglas Eubanks. Nearly a week later Eubanks turned himself in to police with a lawyer present.

Eubanks is accused of robbing the Hardee's on Pheonix Avenue in Fort Smith.

Investigators said Eubanks was inside of the store when a manager came to work. The manager was held at gun point, tied up and money was taken from the safe, according to police.

An employee who came to work later in the morning told police they found the manager tied up and the safe open.

After being questioned by police Eubanks was taken to jail where 5NEWS cameras caught his reaction to being accused of this crime.

When asked if he robbed the Hardee's, Eubanks said, "No."

When asked why police would arrest him for the crime he said, "Because people's property was found in my car. Ya'll will see."

Eubanks is currently facing theft charges but investigators said they could soon ask the prosecutor to upgrade those charges.

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