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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors today we are at Harvest Moon a local artisan bakery in Fort Smith and we have heard all about their amazing products and we can’t wait to try them out.

“Our family is Italian and so we have always had food around with every event there is constantly a feast,” said Sarah Mastropaolo, Co-Owner of Harvest Moon Artisan Bakery.

“It’s really nice to work with your family and our employees kind of turn into that and our customers do become part of our little family as well,” said Desirae Mastropaolo, Co-Owner of Harvest Moon Artisan.

“It kind of brings you back to your childhood, it kind of brings you back to that nostalgic apple pie and it’s classic so that’s kind of what we want to do at the bakery,” said Sarah. “We try to as much as possible incorporate our family recipe.”

“Everything that we make is made absolutely from scratch from our glazes, our icings, our pie fillings,” said Desirae.

“We have the French croissant, danishes, even our doughnuts are made from scratch so that makes up really unique,” said Sarah. “We have scones, lemon tartlets, we also have pie, and we try to incorporate as much local stuff as possible.”

“We have a high standard as far as the quality of the food we are serving to our customers,” said Desirae.

“Our sourdough is one of our most popular items it’s a legitimate sourdough our southwest croissant is also super popular,” said Sarah.

“We offer a subscription service and you can do either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly it’s kind of like with the milk man used to do but with bread and it’s very personal and we enjoy that aspect of it as well,” said Desirae. “You know our customers are why we do this and we really enjoy sharing our passion with our customers and we love seeing that they like our products and that they are sharing that with their friends and family.”

For this week’s Flavors, I’m Megan Graddy.

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