Former Fayetteville Superintendent Suing Over Sexual Harassment Firing

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Former Fayetteville Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Matthew Wendt has filed a lawsuit against the employee who accused him of sexual harassment.

Through his lawyer Randy Coleman, Wendt said his career has been damaged by false claims. He's suing the woman for lost wages of $850,000.

Wendt also argued that the woman and her attorney created an untrue story about their relationship.

Coleman declined to comment. The woman's attorney, Suzanne Clark, didn't immediately respond to a message left late Wednesday (Aug. 8) afternoon.

Wendt was fired on June 18 for breach of contract for derogatory comments against a fellow employee violating district policy, according Susan Kendall, attorney for the School Board.

Parts of the lawsuit filed Tuesday (Aug. 7) read as follows:

29. Plaintiff had valid contract or business expectancy; Defendant knew of the contract
or business expectancy; Defendant intentionally and improperly, without privilege,
interfered with and induced or caused the disruption or termination of the contract or
business expectancy; and the interference, disruption or termination proximately
damaged Plaintiff.

30. As a proximate result of the wrongful conduct of Defendant, Plaintiff has been
terminated from his employment Contract in Exhibit A. Plaintiff has lost his annual
base compensation of $231,080.00 for three (3) years together with compensation
incentives and contract benefits over that period of time. This compensation and benefits
include salary, retirement contribution, longevity pay, life insurance, health insurance,
dental insurance, and auto lease. Plaintiff has been damaged in an amount of not less that

31. Additionally, Plaintiff has been damaged in the marketplace for his services with
other potential employers. Plaintiff has attempted to mitigate his damages by seeking the
same or similar employment. However, Plaintiff has applied for and received over sixtyfive
(65) employment rejections. Plaintiff even applied for a job selling cars and was

32. Plaintiff should have of and recover from Defendant judgment in an amount in
excess of Federal jurisdictional limits as determined by the trier of fact.

A complete copy of the lawsuit can be found here.

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