I-40 Over The Arkansas River Reopens After Runaway Barges Collide With Dam

Metabolic Research Center – Summer Break Success

"Hey, it's Darren Bobb we are at Metabolic Ressearch, I've made it all the way through the summer break. 4 weeks of maintenance not a pound gained! That's how maintenance is supposed to work. It is about to be school time, about time to go back to school, if your a client now or if your thinking about it. Now is the time to do this as your heading back to school," said Bobb.

"Absolutely back to school back to you, is our promotion starting next week. Get in here now we've got one third off programs, or we have a buy one get one. Bring a friend, bring a spouse, lets do it! Lets get back to routine, get back to you!" Said Sarah Harper.

" You still have time to lose weight before the offical end of summer, going into fall. It is easy to do especially on maintence. I love maintence! It's so much fun, if you want to lose weight you need to call metabolic research," said Bobb.

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