Six Massive Hog Statues Being Added To Reynolds Razorback Stadium

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Six massive hog statues are being added on the northeast corner of the University of Arkansas Reynolds Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville.

The bronze statue towering over U of A's Razorback Stadium is 20 feet tall and is 30 feet wide.

Wyatt Wade has been working on the installment of this sculpture since April, "We're working a lot to get it ready before football season." said Wade.

The massive statue is to honor the 1964 national championship football team was paid for by Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, who was on the undefeated team.

Although it's a statue honoring a team from decades ago U of A student Hayley Quigley thinks the statue is relevant to current Razorback teams.

"It'll be fun for them to walk past and know that they are playing for the same team that won so long ago," said Quigley.

Jessica Johnson says for fans walking by a reminder of a national championship will get fans hyped.

''The fans being able to go back and see that, if they remember the last championship it'll be ready special for them to see something for them to get excited about,'' said Johnson.

Wade is a U of A, an engineering student and on the construction crew,  says he takes great pride in being part of this project.

''I can look back tell my friends and family what i did on the project and stuff like that, so it's pretty cool to be a part of." said Wade.

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