Bentonville Youth Livestock Auction

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- The Benton County Fair wraps up Saturday (Aug. 11) with a special livestock auction -- it's where the hard work pays off for kids who have spent the entire year raising animals.

Kids spent the day showcasing their animals to buyers in the audience.

Kids from Benton County have worked all year to prepare their animals for the Benton County Junior Auction.

"A business or somebody is just donating the money to them the animals never-changing hands, they're just basically giving that kid money to go towards their education, go towards another project so they can buy another animal or pay their feed bill for the last one they just had," said Benton County Junior Live Stock Auction Committee Chair Cling Bowen.

After a decade of showing cattle, Decatur High School graduate Kenton Tajchman is moving on.  He'll take his winnings from the this year's auction and put it to good use.

"Normally it goes towards the next project, but now since I'm graduated from high school it'll go towards college and go on to better my education."

Tajchman has been showing animals here for 15 years.

The money is a motivator to work hard, but he says its the support from the buyers that means the most.

"Know that you have buyers that'll come out here and donate their money to you basically, and even though they don't get the animal at the end of the day, it's just them saying thank you for putting on all your hard work and making your animal look good," said Tajchman.

Board members of the auction say the average winnings for showing an animal here tonight was anywhere from $500 to a $1,000.

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