Local Groups Help Family Involved In Hit-And-Run With Back-To-School Expenses

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) --  On Sunday (Aug. 12), several local groups helped a family-in-need pay for back-to-school clothes and supplies.

The groups raised nearly a $1,000 when they heard about a local mom, Heather Green,  had been involved in a hit-and-run accident.

Green was in the hospital for weeks and her husband had to take off work to care for her, leaving the family financially strapped.

With school right around the groups gathered the money and took the family's two children to Target to get school supplies.

"We're taking them both shopping for their school supplies, school clothes for the upcoming year and we`re going to pay the bill," said Medic Club Member Steven Howard, "everything that's left over they will get to help them with their daily causes."

Green said police are still looking for the person who hit her in the accident.

In addition to MEDIC, The Knife Group owner Mike Easley, and the Punishers' Bike Club are who helped this family and raised the money.


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