Local Authorities Set Record Straight After Mistreatment Accusations Go Viral

CENTERTON (KFSM) — A Benton County woman took to social media after her arrest to complain about the Centerton Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

On her Facebook page, she posted she was mistreated in the Benton County jail.

The Centerton Police Department and Benton County Sheriff's Office deny that anything unlawful happened.

5NEWS obtained video of her being processed in the jail and reviewed all records involved and found that there was no wrongdoing.

“Bottom line is it’s completely unfounded, the video displays that," said Lt. Anthony Keck of the Centerton Police Department. "We just get them from time to time, it’s just part of the job, and you just have to deal with them when they come. It's a big reason why I’m an absolute huge supporter of body cams. Personally, after 50 years of law enforcement, I will not work in law enforcement without them.”

Despite all claims being false, her post was shared over 5,000 times on Facebook.

The woman is charged with DWI and her court date is set for Sept. 4 at the Centerton District Court.

Centerton Fraternal Order of Police added the body cam videos to their YouTube page.