Metabolic Research Center – Back 2 School Back 2 You

"Hey it's Darren Bobb we're at Metabolic Research, first I want to take just a second, to say thank you, for all the comments, all the encouragement after losing 32 pounds. Apparently, you're noticing, how fun is that. I'm in maintenance, I haven't gained a thing in the last 5 weeks in maintenance. If you're thinking about doing it, now is the time because it is back to school," said Bobb.

"It is back to school, back to you, we've got a lot of specials going on. Third, off programs we've got buy one get one, so bring a friend, bring your spouse, let's do this together," said Sarah Harper.

"It's easier if you are not by yourself to do this, a friend is encouraging, and you can encourage your friend as well," said Bobb.

"Absolutely," agreed Harper.

"Have fun with it, it is time to come lose weight. If you are in the market if you want to lose weight, and if you want to do it safely. And its fun, all the people have a great time and it's so much fun to come to visit," said Bobb.

"We make it fun!" said Harper.

"That's the best part about this if you want to lose weight call Metabolic Research," said Bobb.

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