Adventure Arkansas: Dripping Springs Waterfall

Our area's waterfalls are stunning. This week we took the Adventure Subaru on the road to Natural Falls State Park in Oklahoma, just six miles west of Siloam Springs.


Check out this rushing waterfall! It’s called Dripping Springs. Its waters flow over massive bluffs and into a serene lagoon below. You can see it at all stages too! When you walk into the waterfall area, the trail takes you by the creek that eventually goes into a free-fall. There is a boardwalk that can take you either above the bluffs, giving you a view from 110 feet high, or down below, hovering right over the pool. It’s such a beautiful sight.


It’s very peaceful here and there are several benches that you can sit on to just take a moment, enjoy your surroundings, and listen to the water as it falls seventy-seven feet into the pool below.


Looking towards the sides, you can see other mini falls and drips accompanying the main show. The woods all around you are thick and immerse you in a cove so all you can hear is the sound of running water.


If you can’t get enough of the waterfalls, natural falls state park has a new camping option, just a three minute walk away: yurts. These are new, one-room camping huts that that you can rent year round. And they’re heated and cooled.


Tap HERE for information on Yurts. Scroll down to pricing.


If waterfalls are your thing, you need to check out Dripping Springs. Chasing waterfalls where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge


This creek is mostly dried up in August and September, but thanks to our heavy rains, it is flowing for a short while! Vehicle entrance to the state park is $5.


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