Parents Demand Action After Video Showing Child In Choke-Hold At Bus Stop

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LOWELL (KFSM)-- A video that shows a child being held in a choke-hold at a bus stop in Lowell has parents upset about bullying.

Jared Rollins, the husband of the woman who originally posted the video to social media, said his wife posted it as a plea to the public.

"We feel like we exhausted every other option that we could, beyond getting out to the public and being like 'hey guys we need to get people to do something.'" said Rollins.

Rollins says he has reported the bullying to police, and school officials at the Rogers School District.

"The school told us since it's not on school grounds there's nothing they can do."

After several complaints, the child seen in the video was temporarily suspended from the riding the school bus.

"They kicked him off the bus for a short period of time, but then he was right back on not too much after, and now he's back doing the same thing. This is going on two years, and we've probably reported it ten times," Rollins said.

Samantha Mcloud told 5NEWS she hopes the video brings attention to bullying at schools across the nation.

Mcloud has a seven-year-old daughter, that uses the bus stop every day.

"She told me this morning that she felt sick on the bus because she was so nervous, and that just broke my heart, she shouldn't have to feel this way. Be aware of what's going on at the bus stop, especially when you have elementary school kids that are this young, they are too young to be going through bullying this early in life," said Mcloud.

Rogers Public Schools said in a statement that they are taking action to handle the situation, and are working with the students involved and that keeping students safe at bus stops is a goal they share with law enforcement and families.

Lowell police told 5NEWS they are looking into these claims, but they could not comment because minors are involved.

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