“We Are The 22” … Vets Understanding Vets

LITTLE ROCK (CBS) --  An Arkansas-based organization is helping veterans deal with PTSD and depression.

The group is called, "We Are The 22," and Taylor LoBue is the Chief Innovation Officer.

"Having a veteran respond to another veteran in an emergency situation can be extremely impactful," said LoBue, "when you have two people sitting down talking ... when you share those common experiences that's very powerful."
Founder Mikel Brooks, who is a veteran, said suicide hits close to home.

"I had a suicide attempt myself  February 17 of last year; I overdosed."

But, he said he's not the only one.

"A lot of us have actually experienced drug abuse and alcoholism and PTSD," said Brooks.

He added that these conditions often lead to suicide.

"I saw a lot of awareness, but I saw no actual action," said Brooks and he took action.

"We Are The 22" is there for all veterans fighting their own battles at home.

"We're not doctors, we're not lawyers we're not police officers.  We're simply veterans who care enough about our fellow veterans who want to go in and get them the help that they need," said Brooks.

Brooks said the name "We Are the 22," is named for the number of veterans who statistically commit suicide each day in the country.   The nonprofit crisis response team was founded in 2017.

The group receives law enforcement backed training and is notified about veterans in distress by the Vet To Vet Life Crisis Team.


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