New Apple Seeds, Inc. Outdoor Classroom Teaches Children Value Of Nutrition

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Local elementary students are getting a hands-on approach to learning about nutrition through the farm program.

The new outdoor classroom at Apple Seeds, Inc. was funding by a grant from the Chobani Foundation.

Apple Seeds co-director Mary Thompson said the program works with more than 2,000 local elementary students from two different grade levels and the outdoor classroom is geared toward their size.

"Students come out and they plant seeds and everyone harvests something from the garden and they’ll make a nutritious snack and this classroom will be a learning center for them," she said. "We’ll have work stations, be able to plant, be able to learn about nutrition and get their hands dirty in the soil and what we are about here."

Apple Seeds and Chobani Foundation volunteers worked Wednesday (Aug. 29) to install the new raised beds. Co-director Kyra Ramsey said both groups have a focus on improving the nutritional wellness of children.

"They really believed in our mission which is to inspire healthy living and doing that through garden based education and reconnecting young students with where their food comes from and getting them to think differently about their food choices when they get home," she said.

Ramsey said she hopes the lessons students learn when spending time in the outdoor classroom will stay with them as they grow up.

"When you plant seeds and water seeds and you try different foods and it’s in an environment that’s really unique then the experience stays with you over the years," she said.

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