Bella Vista Police Have Warrant For Walgreen’s Burglary Suspect

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) — Police are waiting for a Texas man to be extradited to Arkansas so he can faces charges related to a June burglary at Walgreen’s.

Patrick Glavin, 41, is wanted in connection for commercial burglary, possession of a controlled substance, unauthorized use of another person’s property to facilitate certain crimes and an enhancement for committing a crime in proximity to certain facilities.

He was being held Thursday (Aug. 30) at the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe, Texas.

On June 18, Glavin allegedly entered the Walgreens at 3499 Bella Vista Way and approached the pharmacy. Wearing a hat and surgical mask, Glavin held up a note that said “no alarms, no phones, 2-3 bottles of oxycodone,” according to police.

After a coordinated effort with Bentonville Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Bella Vista police were unable to locate the suspect that day.

A Walgreen’s representative later contacted Bella Vista Lt. Byron Stival and said the suspect in the Bella Vista burglary matched the description of similar crimes in Texas.

Stival contacted the Houston Police Department, and officials provided copies of video surveillance and reports from several incidents in their city, along with several others.

Police in Houston notified Stival that Glavin also had felony warrants for similar crimes out of their department, Stival said.

Stival arrested Glavin on June 21 after finding Glavin and a relative at a home in Bella Vista. A truck matching the vehicle from the Walgreen’s burglary was also in the driveway.

Glavin lied to police about his identity, and was arrested then for obstruction of justice and his warrants out of Houston. He was later extradited to Texas.

On Aug. 10, Stival was notified by Houston detectives that Glavin had pleaded guilty to burglaries in Houston, and was then released, after which he committed two more similar crimes that night.

On Aug. 21, Glavin committed a burglary in Conroe, Texas, where he was arrested after a six-mile pursuit with police. He also was served with warrants from multiple Texas agencies.

Stival said investigators were able to review information following this arrest and had enough probable cause to obtain a warrant for his arrest in connection with the Walgreen’s incident.

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