Marshals Star Mosaic Created In Honor Of Fort Smith Bicentennial Celebration

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FORT SMITH -- Residents in Fort Smith created something new out of something used to celebrate the town's 200th anniversary.

Volunteers gathered at the corner of North A and 4th Street in Fort Smith on Sunday (Sep. 2) to arrange beer bottles into the shape of a U.S. Marshals six-pointed star.

Organizers used thousands of empty beer bottles, aluminum foil, and a whole lot of creativity to create the work of art.

"It was a pretty simple shape, or so we thought when we started."

Organizer Crissie Clegg told 5NEWS that this is one of the Fort Smith Bicentennial Committee's events planned for the third quarter of the year.

"It's the homecoming: and it's about people coming back to Fort Smith, people who have left, things that used to be here...and that's why I had chosen the U.S. Marshal's star," Clegg said.

Clegg says the bottles were donated from her husband, who runs Arlie Muck's Tavern on Garrison Ave., they've been saving the bottles for over a year in order to do the project.

Approximately 10-thousand bottles went into the piece of art.

When the mosaic is no longer on display, it will be donated to the Future School in Fort Smith for a project that students are working on.

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