Town Hall Held To Discuss Hope Humane Society Overflow Problem

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Residents in Fort Smith came together for a town hall Tuesday (Sep. 4) night to discuss the ongoing issues at the Hope Humane Society.

As of now, the shelter is over capacity. The building they use can only fit 300 animals, but the staff says they have almost 800 there now.

The Hope Humane Society prides itself on being a 'no kill' shelter, but they say they will have to start euthanizing animals if they don't find a solution soon.

5NEWS spoke to the vice president of the Hope Humane Society's board, Storm Nolan. He says that the best solution is for the city to adopt ordinances like other surrounding areas have that require the spaying and neutering of pets.

"The city is spending $600,000 year on this issue, we're not suggesting that they need to spend more but that they need to spend it smarter. We need to adopt what other communities are doing, and do it ourselves."

Nolan says the shelter is making headway with donations.

At tonight's town hall meeting they got a $10,000 donation from the First Presbyterian Church.

Right now, the organization is still open to suggestions from the public on the best way to proceed.

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