Double Homicide Suspect Captured In Booneville

BOONEVILLE (KFSM) -- Police have arrested 19-year-old Lewis Shores following a daylong manhunt in Booneville, according to deputies at the scene in Logan County.

Shores was arrested near South Walnut Ave in Booneville around 9:30 p.m., deputies say.

Anthony Rice with the Fort Smith Police Department told 5NEWS that Shores is connected to a double homicide investigation out of Fort Smith.

Shores ran away from the scene of an accident just outside of Booneville on Tuesday (Sep. 4), according to police. The vehicle Shores was in was traced back to a Fort Smith home where a couple was found dead during a welfare check.

Philip Pevehouse said that the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office sent additional officers to the area on Twitter. Anthony Rice also said Fort Smith officers were in Logan County assisting with the manhunt.

Logan County Sheriff Boyd Hicks injured his shoulder why trying to capture Shores earlier in the day, he told 5NEWS.

Booneville Public Schools posted to Facebook that some bus students were delayed at the elementary due to the manhunt. The delay impacted riders on buses 33, 38, 35, 37, 22. All bus routes resumed at 4:20 p.m. after police told school officials that the area was safe, Laina Holt with the Booneville Public Schools told 5NEWS.