Texas Thieves Target Northwest Arkansas

PEA RIDGE (KFSM) – Police said suspected thieves from Dallas targeted Northwest Arkansas in a month-long crime spree.

Brian Kronberger

Brian Kronberger and Brittany Arnold stole from inside of six cars parked in driveways in one Pea Ridge subdivision in one night, taking credit cards and electronics.

“You would think it would be easier in a bigger city, but it's really a lot harder because everyone is more cautious because it's the city life and people up here are more trusting,” Kronberger said.

Pea Ridge Police said the two are being accused of taking lots of stuff out of local vehicles including credit cards they used to rack up charges, as well as stealing at eight cars from Dallas to Northwest Arkansas to Little Rock.

“They weren't arrested at the time for being in possession of a stolen car. They were released at that point for whatever reason and then about a week goes by and then another vehicle is stolen out of Bella Vista,” Sgt. Mike Lisenbee said.

Brittany Arnold

Police said they finally caught up with Kronberger in Eureka Springs and arrested his accomplice, Brittany Arnold, later on in Texas.

“It still had the GPS attachment to the dealership, not to the new owner of the vehicle, and so because of that, they were actually able to track where the vehicle was like it's exact location. Eureka Springs Officers went there located the vehicles that were stolen, located the suspects,” he said.

Both suspects face charges in Benton County as well as other counties in Arkansas and in Texas.

Pea Ridge Police said these car break-ins happen a lot and remind people living not just in their city but everywhere to lock your cars and not leave anything in sight.

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