Elderly Man Hoisted Out Of Deep Creek Bed In Springdale After Falling In

SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- First responders from Fire Station No. 2 in Springdale say they rescued an elderly man out of a drainage ditch in his backyard on Wednesday (Sep. 12). They say he fell 10 feet.

The fire department posted these pictures of the rescue on Facebook.

The captain of Fire Station 2 said this was not an ordinary call, as several emergency responders came to help in the rescue. They said they tried to rescue the man with a rope from a ditch. He was eventually hoisted out of the ravine and was in excruciating pain.

Although this happened in the man's backyard, the fire department said people need to be aware of dry drainage and creek beds that are common on hiking trails.

Captain Pianalto said a good rule of thumb is staying back 10 feet from any ravine or drainage area.

''Every time rain runs through one of those drainage ditches, it's going to erode it and there's no telling what could wash down them," he said. "So be mindful of where your footing is, and be careful, because it could easily give way and you could slip and fall.''

The Springdale Fire Department said the man had only minor injuries and was expected to be OK.

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