Local Red Cross Volunteers Are Headed Out To Help With Hurricane Florence Relief

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Several Arkansans packed up emergency response vehicles from the Red Cross in Northwest Arkansas and headed towards to East Coast to help with Hurricane Florence relief on Tuesday (Sep.11).

Linda Morgan, one of the volunteers, talked with 5NEWS about why she was headed out to help. This will be Morgan's 60th disaster trip.

"I just have a passion for helping people, and this is just something I can do to give back to the people, so I just go," Morgan said.

Another volunteer riding with Morgan told 5NEWS this was her second tour as a volunteer for the Red Cross. Her first trip was to help recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

"A little fun fact with that is, the first time I ever deployed or been to Texas, or flew on an airplane was September 11 of last year and my second deployment was September 11 of this year."

Once in Virginia, Stil and Morgan will get victims something to eat, help clean up if needed, and offer comfort.

50 volunteers from Arkansas and Missouri are on their way to the East Coast to help as needed. Eight volunteers are from Northwest Arkansas and the Fort Smith area. They have taken 12 emergency response vehicles that many volunteers have offered to drive.

"We need to make sure our volunteers are there and safe for when this storm does hit. We have a good idea of where the storm is going to make landfall but things could change at a moments notice. So the volunteers are in Virginia, there in South Carolina, they are in North Carolina some of them are more inland and some of them are more outland."

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