Poll: Minimum Wage Registers High, Casinos Trail With Voters

Talk Business & Politics

LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — Voters are hesitant to roll the dice to legalize casinos in Arkansas, but they’re willing to place their bets on raising the minimum wage.

Ballot issues concerning casinos and raising the minimum wage – both facing legal challenges – have qualified for the November general election.

If they remain on the ballot, voters may split their support and opposition to the two proposals.

Talk Business & Politics and Hendrix College surveyed 1,701 Arkansas voters on Issue 4, which would legalize four casinos in Arkansas.

Roughly 60% of voters polled were for raising the minimum wage. About 30% were against and 10% didn’t know where they stood.

Tax revenue generated by the casinos would go to the state’s general revenue fund, to cities and counties in which the casinos are located, and to the Arkansas Racing Commission for purses for horse and dog races.

The measure found 48% against and 41% in favor. About 11% didn’t have a response.

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