Medical College Holds White Coats Ceremony For Future Doctors

FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Medical students at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine received their white coats on Saturday (Sept. 15).

The White Coat Ceremony was held at the Fort Smith Convention Center. The ceremony symbolizes the recipients are now student doctors.

This is the second white coat ceremony held for the medical college. The students receiving their white coats Saturday are first-year medical students and will have four more years to go before starting their residency.

"So, I interviewed quite at a few med schools around Arkansas and the surrounding states, and the faculty at this school is more compassionate, more loving, and more caring than any school I've been to, med school, undergraduate, anything like that," said student Jonathan Hunter. "They have an open-door policy, so if you are struggling academically or personally or anything, they are always there to help. That's something you don't get out of most schools."

The Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine is new to Fort Smith, with work beginning on the multimillion-dollar college in 2015. Since then, many additions have been constructed, with more on the way.

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