Muldrow Man Helps Deliver Daughter On Roadside

MULDROW (KFSM) --  A new family is at home celebrating after a Muldrow man sprung into action Friday (Sept. 14.) and helped deliver his baby girl on the side of the road.

"She pushed one time and I had a baby in my hands," said Newt Hollis.

His wife, Joanna Hollis, delivered the baby girl on the side of the road, ''she was seven pounds, one ounce and 19.4 inches long,'' Joanna says.

Earlier that afternoon Joanna told 5NEWS she started to feel contractions. The couple went to the hospital, but Joanna said she was sent home because the doctors told her she was only dilated to one centimeter.

Then 6 hours later, Joanna said she felt stronger contractions. She said she knew it was time.

With Newt driving and Joanna in the passenger's seat of his truck, Newt said he rushed to get his wife to the hospital, ''By the time we made it about three miles away, we had to pull over,'' Newt said

Joanna says it was only moments after she got in the truck when she realized she would give birth to their baby on the side of the road, '' I was like I can feel her head we gotta stop right now."

Newt said with his wife screaming in pain he quickly pulled his truck off of the highway. What happened next the couple says is a story of a lifetime.

"It happened so fast as soon as she came out I patted her on the back till I heard her cry I handed her to her called 911 got in the truck and started driving again."

Newt delivered his daughter, Bryleigh Jo Paige Hollis, in the passenger seat of his pickup truck, "I couldn't believe that it happened let alone in my truck."

The Hollis' describe the dramatic night in one word, "A miracle, a miracle, that's for sure."

The couple said they knew Bryleigh Jo would be tough. Joanna said she had a bad car accident when she was 14 weeks pregnant and they worried the baby wouldn't survive, but now mom and baby are both happy and healthy.

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