Metal Detectors Are Now Installed At War Memorial Stadium

Metal detectors are installed at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

It has been nearly a month since fears of violence at the annual Salt Bowl sent a crowd of over 35,000 into a panic. With the Razorback game next month, the stadium has upped its security.

These metal detectors, 18 of them to be exact, will now be standing at entrances around war memorial stadium. Meg Matthews with Arkansas Parks and Tourism said, “After the incident at the Salt Bowl, it was decided that metal detectors would be the best way to go. We had been using wands on people, which was very effective.”

But it was time consuming and tedious going through each person in line waving the wand. The old thought that metal detectors were indicative of a problem is not really there anymore.

“However, I think that most people are very very used to metal detectors, and it does make them feel safe,” said Matthews.

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