Sanders Brothers Create Electric Connection For Ozark

OZARK (KFSM) - It's been said that a team is like a brotherhood, and nowhere is that more true than Ozark - where a dominant duo share talent, grit, and a last name.

"I will always call all of those guys my brothers because we've been playing together forever, but to have him out there - it really is a brotherhood," said sophomore running back Tyler Sanders.

Hayden Sanders is entering his third year as a starter for the Ozark Hillbillies - and this year, he gets the extra perk of playing with his younger brother Tyler.

"He moved up last year as a freshman in the playoffs and I think it's just neat playing with him," Hayden explained. "We always used to play around the yard when we were little. Coming into this season, I thought it would be kind of cool."

In playoffs of his freshman year - Tyler scored a touchdown in playoffs, immediately showing off the Sanders name. This year - the pair is a dominant force on the field.

"This year they're having phenomenal years," mentioned head coach JeremieĀ  Burns. "Tyler's at running back filling in, and he's been turning up, and also on defense has been leading the way on tackles. Hayden - he's a lockdown corner for us. This year at receiver, he's been able to get the most catches as well. They're both having great years."

With siblings comes a competitive nature, but in the end - they build off one another and make each other better.

"He's fearless. He's one of the smallest dudes out there, I mean he's smaller than me. He's older and he'll do whatever," Tyler said of his brother.

"I think it's awesome. It's just cool having him out here," Hayden added. "After I'm gone and he's a senior, we're gonna have our littlest brother coming up and them two will get to play together."

Which means the Sanders name isn't leaving Ozark anytime soon - something that Hillbilly fans can anticipate as the brothers continues to stack the stat sheet.

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