Shops On Dickson Street Working To Better Accommodate Customers During Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- Prepare to hear the rumble of thousands of bikes heading into Fayetteville for the 19th Annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ Motorcycle Rally.

In the past, stores on Dickson Street have chosen to close their doors during the four-day rally due to large crowds and tents set up in storefront parking lots, but this year some businesses are choosing to stay open.

Dickson Street Bookstore has closed during the Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally in the past, but this year they are sticking to their normal business hours.

Elaine Ecker works at the Dickson Street Bookstore and said despite low customer traffic during the festival it's worth it to keep the store open, "it's totally worth staying open if one person finds something they wouldn't have found otherwise it's worth staying open."

"I'm hoping that if more businesses stay open on the street the participants with Bikes, Blues & BBQ will get a little more accustomed to stopping in and sampling the true flavor of Fayetteville,'' said Ecker.

Highroller Cyclery is closed during the 4-day rally since there are a lot of street closures and said they really don't appeal to the rally crowds. Highroller employees say they look forward to having a few days off of off work.

Shops who are choosing to stay open say this year they are trying to better accommodate customers. Erin Irizarry is the store manager at Gearhead on Dickson Street. The store rents out their parking lot for Bikes, Blues & BBQ merchandise tents.

'"The tent that we did rent our lot to is gonna have an open aisle to Dickson, so customers can file in that way and our customers won't be restricted to front door access, then there will be sidewalk access leading to our store," said Irizarry.

If you plan to attend the Bikes, Blues & BBQ coordinators suggest parking on the east side of Razorback Road at Baum Motorcycle Village and taking the A and M railroad to Dickson street.

To read more about parking at this year's event click here.

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