Adventure Arkansas: 5NEWS At Ozark Corn Maze


WHEN?  **until October 28, 2018**

  • Friday 12PM-Dark
  • Saturday 10AM-Dark
  • Sunday 12PM-Dark


  • $9 per person
  • 2 years or under -- FREE
  • Do It All Admission $12


12880 HWY 112, Cave Springs, Arkansas, 72762

Once essential Autumn thing to do is navigating through your area's corn mazes. This year 5NEWS teamed up with Ozark Corn Maze in Cave Springs, AR to create a 5NEWS maze!  There are also 2 other mazes. We spoke with Timothea McGarrah, owner of the farm, about all the designs.

Our first one is the Ozark Corn Maze our second maze is farm design and theme. It’s the hardest. And then we have 5NEWS.  It’s a big 5, right in the center with many twists and turns all around it.

Meteorologist Matt Standridge timed himself to see how fast he could make it through.  He finished in 10 minutes, 22 seconds.

If you’re looking for a challenge but not too hard, the 5NEWS maze is perfect for you. You may get turned around a few times.

Other folks enjoyed navigating through the big five as well, including brothers Caiden and Cameron McCool from Bentonville, Arkansas.

Standridge asked, "Are you guys going together or are you guys racing to see who can go first?"

Brothers Caiden and Cameron McCool answered, "I would want to race him but our mom told us to stay together. So we have to stay together."

If mazes aren’t your thing, there are many other things to do! There is a fun corn cannon, a pumpkin sling shot, a new combine slide, photograph backdrops, a gourd tunnel, and so much more. One family favorite though is the pumpkin patch.

McGarrah says, "We have a 20-acre pumpkin patch. We provide wagons and clippers so they can go out and pick their own pumpkin, gourd. We have about 30 varieties of pumpkins."

Once you pick out your perfect jack-o-lantern to carve, make sure you get some social media pictures and to pick up any family members still left in the mazes.

If you take any pictures in the corn maze, share them with us by using the hashtag #5NEWSmaze.


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