Adventure Arkansas: Arkansas Apple Festival

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The Lincoln’s Arkansas Apple Festival takes place this weekend, October 5-7, 2018.


-Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  9AM-5PM


-Lincoln Town Square, 107 W Bean St, Lincoln, AR 72744


-Parking will be available around the square and in several lots around the square. Many spots will be paid parking. Some lots will be used to benefit local school groups and teams.

YOUTH TALENT CONTEST:  Saturday, Oct 6th

GENERAL:  Rain or shine, the Arkansas Apple Festival will take place at the town square in Lincoln. There will be over 100 vendors with crafts, merchandise, and food.  There we be freshly cut apple slices for free.

Tap HERE for Arkansas Apple Festival’s official website.

Tap HERE for Arkansas Apple Festival’s official Facebook Page.

The orchards have been picked and the apples are ripe which means it’s time for the Arkansas Apple Aestival. This week for Adventure Arkansas we drove the Adventure Subaru to the town square in Lincoln to see preparations and their famous apple peeler.

We are going to show you how they peel apples the old fashioned way.

Meet Doug Hulse. he’s been peeling and slicing apples at the Arkansas Apple Festival for many years.

Hulse tells us, "It’s just kind of a tradition, an annual tradition to help out the community."

The peeler is a replica of a peeler from 1889. Hulse has been waxing and sharpening it to prepare for the hundred bushels he’ll peel for free this weekend alone. The machine looks simple enough right?

It is cool to watch these older machines create such beautifully cut apples. Rhonda Hulse and Dianna Payne, organizers of the event, tell us that everyone loves to watch the apples being cut, especially kids.

Payne says, "They love the apple slices. they’re always surprised. These are really good, and we say yeah they are, and they’re free. So it’s fun, it’s very family oriented."

R. Hulse says, "He give out about a hundred bushels of apple slices in three days, and they’re juicy, and they’re really good! The peelers have a busy job, we have a different crew every two to three hours because it’s tiring. You’re busy handing down those apple slices and we’ve had the same guys do it for years and years and years. Everyone looks forward to seeing them up there."

Why is Lincoln an appealing place to grow apples? It has to do with the terrain. The town sits on a hill, resulting in accelerated air movement and the fact that cold air sinks. These conditions make frost less likely to develop here, than in the valleys of Washington County below.

Beyond apples there are many things to do, vendors to visit, and food to eat. This festival brings the community together, as well as people from other states to the enjoy the town, the parade, and of course apples.

With Adventure Arkansas and peeling the apples where you live, I'm 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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