Pop-up Beer Garden Opens Along Razorback Greenway To Attract Cyclists

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) -- More than 700 mountain bikers from across the country are coming to Northwest Arkansas for the inaugural OZ Trails Off-Road.

All the way from Grand Junction, Colorado Molly Moyer is here to ride in Saturday (Oct.6) race.

“We`ve heard so much about Bentonville and the amazing trail system that it has, that we thought why not. So we drove 15 hours over two days and came to stay,” Moyer said.

For cyclists who are wanting to take a break or people wanting to cheer them on, there is a pop-up beer garden on the Razorback Greenway in Bella Vista with part of the money made going to a non-profit.

Monica Diodati and her boyfriend are serving beer and sandwiches on the trail behind the Wishing Springs Gallery.

“We both commute to work in Bentonville on the Greenway and we just think it would be really great for trailside options to be kind of in town, so we`re doing this and hoping that maybe it inspires people to inspire people to open businesses along the greenway,” Diodati said.

Moyer says it was quite the surprise to see it when they were riding on the greenway.

“The beer garden is like a dream come true. We always talk about how it`s nice to have a beer on the trail, so to ride along and just have this pop-up, it was an amazing thing,” Moyer said.

Diodati said while this may be their first time to open the beer garden, they said it won`t be their last.

“If there was something between Bella Vista and Bentonville to kind of let people stop and linger and enjoy the outdoors and like the beautiful creek that`s here instead of just whizzing by it, that`s kind of the goal with the beer garden,” she said.

They plan on donating 25% of the money they make throughout the weekend to arts nonprofits.

They plan on having the beer garden during my cycling events in the future.

The beer garden will be open until 9 Friday (Oct. 5). It will be open on Saturday (Oct. 6) from noon to 9 p.m. and then Sunday (Oct. 7) from noon to 6 p.m.

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