No Kidding: Arkansas Goat Festival Held In Perryville

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PERRY COUNTY, Ark. (KFSM) --  There's a festival for just about everything it seems,  but one of the most unusual ones happens in Perry County, at Saturday's (Oct. 6) Arkansas Goat Festival.  An event that brings heavy traffic to the small town that doesn't even have a stop light.

Perryville's population is 1,458 and Mayor John Roland likes where he lives.

"We have a wonderful community tight-knit I love it here," said Roland.

A small town that might just be on the fast track.

And Organizer Sarah French said, "we believe we should be the Sturgis of goats.  If you have a motorcycle, you have to go to Sturgis.  If you have a goat you have to go to Perryville."

There were plenty of goats and people, even with the heat.

Many people sported their costumes at the festival where there was goat milking, soap making, yoga and "America's Goat Talent."

Goat milking, soap making, yoga and "America's Goat Talent"

Others touted, "I have goat earrings. I have goat shoes I have goat socks."

Goat farmer Karen Davis brought two of her 64 colored Angoras (goat) to the festival.  "I think they're a better pet than a dog even," said Davis.  "My goats all greet me when I go out they know their name."

Saturday was a celebration of the friendly farm animal and community.

French said it's not just a festival for festivals sake,  it's community development.

"Rural America has a lot of problems and we're trying to put a small town on the map for a good reason and it's really grown and helped our local businesses," she said.

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