Fort Smith Junior High Student Sets Off .22 Caliber Bullet At School Without Gun, No Injuries Reported

FORT SMITH -- A student at Ramsey Junior High in Fort Smith brought a .22 caliber round of ammunition to school Wednesday (Oct. 10) that was later discharged by another student outside, the Fort Smith Public Schools Communication Director Zena Featherston Marshall told 5NEWS.

A gun was not involved in the discharge, and no firearm was found at the school.

No students or faculty members at the school were injured.

Zena said because safety and transparency are always priorities at Fort Smith public schools an investigation is underway into the incident, and they are working with local law enforcement to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Fort Smith PIO Aric Mitchell told 5NEWS their investigation shows a 14-year-old boy had the ammunition and was throwing it on the ground which made it discharge, and confirmed that there was no gun at the school.

Mitchell said the department is working with the city prosecutor for warrants now, and that they believe there will be more than one issued.

A previous draft of this story said the student was beating the bullet against concrete.