Seven Firefighters Suspended From Boston Mountain Volunteer Fire Station

WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Seven firefighters from the Boston Mountain Volunteer Fire Department have been suspended for various reasons, but board members for the department say it was justified.

“I was suspended because, in my opinion, I was retaliated against for going above the chiefs head to the board over some disciplinary issues within the fire department,” Josh Smith, one firefighter that was suspended, said.

That's just one reason why one of the seven firefighters was suspended from the department that serves about 800 in south Washington County.

Suspensions for the other six include HIPAA violations, being loud and using profanity in a meeting, and handling emergency vehicles for personal use.

"My plan on my suspension is maybe they'll reinstate. If they do, they do, if not then we want to get the board out."

Josh Smith says it's not just about firefighters being suspended. He told 5NEWS the board has been spending money on other things when, he says, they're in need of new equipment.

Jo Ann Kyle said she loves this fire department and has done everything correctly ever since she has been in charge of their funds.

"I have been a bookkeeper, a treasurer of various organizations. I have been in this field since I was 17 years old and I'm 73 years right now, and I have yet to cook a book. I don't even know how to cook a book."

Since this has all occurred, the fire chief, board president, and assistant chief have all resigned.

The firefighters of the Boston Mountain Fire Department are planning to attend the board of directors meeting Thursday (Oct. 11) night to give their side of the story.


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