Van Buren Native In Florida As Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall

DESTIN, FL (KFSM) -- A former Van Buren native and her son moved to Destin, Florida for her job, and is now facing one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the U.S. in 14 years.

In a facetime interview, she did with 5NEWS, she shows what the conditions are like as Hurricane Michael hits landfall.

"If I was to walk around this corner I could barely stand up the wind is so strong," Angela Mizell said.

Angela and her son said they are making the best of the situation as the hurricane rolls through.

"We stocked up on food and water, we are probably going to lose power," and her son, "he's still playing Xbox until he loses internet."

She told 5NEWS they thought about leaving.

"I have work and responsibilities, and they were running out of gas already."

She said they were going to stick it out, " it's kind of too late to leave,"

Angela and her son live in a part of Florida that is not yet under a mandatory evacuation, but that doesn't mean people didn't take the voluntary evacuation.

"There's a lot of people gone. It's like a ghost town, there's nobody around. All the stores closed yesterday around two, three, and four."

Angela told 5NEWS her, and her son, will be staying inside as much as possible as Hurricane Michael makes its way through Florida, and that they are hoping for the best.

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