Aldi’s Opens New Store In Bentonville

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)-- An Aldi grocery store opened its doors in Bentonville, at 1316 W. Walnut Street in Rogers,  Thursday (Oct. 18).

Representatives from Aldi said the Bentonville store is part of the discount grocery retailer’s $3.4 billion U.S. expansion plan to open 2,500 stores by 2022.

Bentonville resident, Chance Jones, said he lived near the Aldi store and had to come to check out the new grocer.

“We just felt like the prices were really cheap. They had some really good deals on everyday products that we use,” said Jones.

The Aldi in Bentonville is located about one mile away from Walmart’s Go Market. Alejandra Shaffer said she thinks a new grocery store will be good for northwest Arkansas.

“I think it’s great having competition because it drives prices lower everywhere,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer says she has noticed a difference in other retailers prices already, “I have seen the prices at Walmart, the milk has dropped, so I think it’s great.”

But, Jones says he doesn’t think this new option in Walmart’s backyard will necessarily impact the grocery giant.

“I feel like it could also push more people to Walmart. It just really depends on what people think of the product, even though it’s a store name brand, they may feel like they want the actual name brand stuff better than the store brand, so they still come to Walmart,” said Jones.

If you plan to shop at Aldi’s you may want to bring your own grocery bags and a quarter to use their shopping carts. Customers do get their quarter back when they return the cart to the cart rack.

When Aldi completes it $3.4 billion expansion to 2,500 stores, it will become the 3rd largest grocery retailer behind Walmart and Kroger.

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