‘Sheep Dog Impact Assistance’ Team Returns Home Following Hurricane Michael

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ROGERS, Ark. (KFSM) -- A team of volunteers from Sheep Dog Impact Assistance has returned home after spending a week in southern Alabama and northern Florida helping with recovery efforts following Hurricane Michael.

About 40 volunteers from several states, including Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, made their way to the disaster stricken area less than two days after the storm made landfall near Panama City Beach, Florida, on Oct. 10.

As soon as the crews arrived, Sergeant Major Lance Nutt, founder of Sheep Dog, said he and his team immediately got to work helping clear roads and remove trees from roofs of home and businesses.

"We go in trying to help clear roads, and then we begin with a debris clearing effort of getting trees of homes, and enabling people to get back into their communities and assess the damage," said Nutt, a retired Marine. "In many ways, unfortunately, this was as bad, if not worse than any combat zone I've been in."

Sheep Dog also took water and other supplies needed during recovery situations on their trip south. Nutt said he expects another team to leave Northwest Arkansas and return to Florida in the coming weeks.

The non-profit is composed of more than 5,000 volunteers with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement, with operations funded by donations.

Nutt said the reaction from people getting help they need makes the entire effort worth it.

"That reminds us that time is worth it, and we will always be there to do as much as we can in helping all communities that have been ravaged by disasters like this," Nutt said.

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