Poll: Trump Approval Soars In Arkansas; Hutchinson, Rutledge Hold Big Leads

LITTLE ROCK (TB&P) — President Donald Trump has seen an upsurge in his job approval rating in Arkansas, and that’s boosting the Republican brand in political races headed into the Nov. 6th general election.

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson leads his Democratic challenger, Jared Henderson, and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has a sizable lead on her Democratic opponent, Mike Lee, according to a new poll from Talk Business & Politics and Hendrix College.

“As we’ve seen in the last several cycles, there is a red tide rising in Arkansas,” said Roby Brock, Talk Business & Politics Editor-in-Chief. “In this survey, we see the strongest self-identification of Republican voters to date at 44%. I believe this is in part due to the strength of Trump’s national party brand after the Kavanaugh hearings and due to the record number of Republicans running at the local level in Arkansas, particularly county races. The state GOP brand is seeing strong growth.”

To see the full results from the poll from our partners at Talk Business & Politics click here.

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