Barbie Announces ‘Pioneer Woman’ Doll, Kitchen Playset

(KFSM) — Barbie and Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond have come together to create a new doll and kitchen playset!

When Drummond saw the first designs for the doll, she sent it back for a minor change – the doll was wearing sneakers and a t-shirt.

“I immediately said, ‘You know, I wear sneakers maybe if I work out, and who knows when that’s going to be?'” Drummond said to Delish, the popular food blog.

The Barbie doll then got a makeover and is now sporting jeans, boots and a floral top.

The playset comes with two accessories that are sold separately, a pasta and barbecue set.

The Pioneer Woman playset is sold exclusively at Walmart for $44.88 for ages three and up. The accessory sets are sold for around $10.

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