Family Escapes Fire In Johnson County

JOHNSON COUNTY (KFSM) -- A mother saves her four children from a burning home Monday (Oct. 22) evening.

"We luckily survived, four children and two adults," Kateshia Seiler.

Around 5:30 Monday evening Kateshia and her husband were giving one of their children a bath when she saw smoke and noticed a bed was on fire.

"The smoke was so intense we couldn't see or breathe. We told the kids the smoke alarms were going off and we needed to get out."

Seiler told 5NEWS she knew there was nothing they could do once the house was engulfed in flames. She said they weren't able to rescue their pets inside, but hope they're still alive.

"When we couldn't find them I was just distraught, and so we heard them and when we were finally looking for them, and we went through a lot of brush and briars and stuff, and we finally found him up in  a tree."

The couple's neighbor, Stan Belden, stepped in to help by giving their boys clothes.

"I wanted to make sure everyone was out first of all," Belden told 5NEWS.

Seiler says it still feels unreal knowing their home is gone.

"Being here in front of it the next day, it just seems unreal, and anybody could go through it and doing fire drills are a very important thing for families to do," Seiler said.

The family is now staying with some family members, and they're also getting some help from the red cross.

What caused the fire is still under investigation, but firefighters say they suspect it could be electrical.

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